Automatic system for I-V, C-V, Pulse Characterization and Temperature measurement - HiPowerDev

Automatic system for I-V, C-V, Pulse Characterization and Temperature measurement – HiPowerDev

The automatic system for I-V, C-V, Pulse characterization and temperature measurement, HiPowerDev, is designed for automatic test and measurements for high power semiconductor device characterization and testing with additional temperature and 4-wire resistance measurement capabilities for all terminals of device under test, DUT. The last 2 capabilities of the system require the original test fixture, model OE_HighAmp/Temp.

The main area of applications for the HiPowerDev system is:

– High Power semiconductor device characterization and testing
– Characterization of GaN and SiC, LDMOS, and other devices
– Reliability studies on power devices
– Incoming inspection and device qualification

The system has a flexible structure and could includes different types of Keithley Instrument products as 4200-SCS, 2600 Series, 3700 Series and an original test fixture, OE_HighAmp and OE_HighAmp/Temp, produced by InterNET Ltd company, OFRIM Group member.

We offer and promote our HiPowerDev system as an open system because the existing turnkey system versions, which can be set up and running quickly, can be quite expensive and limited in the breadth of testing that can be performed.

HiPowerDev system configurations are complete solutions configured with a variety of Keithley Instruments high quality instruments, cables, test fixtures, and software.

This building block approach offers the advantages of easy upgrading or modification to meet changing test needs. Additionally, these instruments and accessories can be used across different test system platforms, such as for reliability or device qualification testing.

HiPowerDev system configurations include everything necessary for the characterization engineer to develop a complete test system quickly. The configurations support both parametric and trace test modes, thus including the best of a curve tracer and a parameter analyzer.

Ordering Information

System components
– 4200-SCS, Semiconductor Characterization System
– 2600, System SourceMeter® SMU Instrument – 2651A, High Current SMU Instrument
– 2657A, High Voltage SMU Instrument
– 3706A, System Switch/Multimeter
– 8010, High Power Device Test Fixture
– OE_HighAmp/Temp, Power Device Test Fixture and Temperature measurement
– ACS Basic Edition software
– TestPower software

Characterization System
– 2600-PCT-1 Low Power
– 2600-PCT-2 High Current
– 2600-PCT-3 High Voltage
– 2600-PCT-4 High Voltage and Current – 4200-PCT-2 High Current + C-V
– 4200-PCT-3 High Voltage + C-V
– 4200-PCT-4 High Voltage and Current + C-V – 4200-TestDevice High Current
– 4200-TestDevice High Current + Temp

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