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Our History. Significant stages

Significant stages are:

  • 1993, March 31 – Establishment of company InterNET Ltd.
  • 1994 – signing the first distribution contract, partner – Keithley Instruments, Inc., USA.
  • 1994 – starting business in Bulgaria.
  • 1995 – starting business in Republic of Moldova.
  • 1996 – Ofrim Dragos Vasile becomes the sole shareholder of InterNET Ltd.
  • July 2007 – foundation of MAROM Automatic Payment Systems Ltd. with main activity in automated payment systems.
  • August 2007 – InterTECH PRESS Ltd become InterTECH Design Ltd, with activity in architecture and constructions, mainly.
  • 2010 – Foundation of Ofrim Engineering EOOD in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • November 2011 – Design and construction, using Keithley 2182A and 622X, of our bench type equipment, System for measuring the contact resistance between terminals and electrical cables, TermResMeter.
  • 2011 – Define business strategy as a regional group with activity in South-East Europe, mainly
  • January 2012 – Design and construction of our first original equipment – PDC-07
  • August 2012 – Design and construction, using Keithley 2182A and 622X, of our bench type equipment – System for measuring the resistance of electrical cables, CabResMeter-1M.
  • August 2013 – System integration, using Keithley 4200-SCS and 2651A SMU of our automated high power devices characterization system with temperature measurement capability, HiPowerDev.
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